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Increasing your helicopters’ efficiency – mission (im)possible?


Growing number of organizations seems to put increasingly more attention on business process optimization (BPO) these days. Despite that, recent research shows almost half (48%) of these companies have no clue what BPO is and how to employ it. Among those are also helicopter operators, who lose millions if the supply chain or maintenance processes do not work in perfect harmony. 

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Helisota adds Airbus Helicopters to its EASA Part 145 capabilities


Helisota, an international provider of integrated maintenance, repair and overhaul services for rotorcraft, has extended its MRO capabilities by adding H120, H135 and H140 helicopter types to its EASA Part-145 certificate.

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American helicopter market: increasing focus on flexible MRO solutions


Year 2015 was without a doubt a roller coaster ride for the rotorcraft industry. Despite the added turbulence, though, the demand in the market remained steady. According to Honeywell, up to 5250 new machines are forecasted to hit the market in the upcoming 4 years. The majority (53%) of these helicopters will supplement the Western Hemisphere, where the increasing number of aircraft is putting immense pressure on MROs. 

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Bringing maintenance to the clients – a promising direction for helicopter MROs


The Dubai Air last month proved a true fiasco for airplane manufacturers, as both Airbus and Boeing saw only one notable commercial deal of 30 aircraft placed by Vietnam carrier. On the vertical side of the industry, however, rotorcraft producers can for now rest assured about the immediate future simply because of the stable demand largely driven by the emerging markets. Nevertheless, operators in the growing economies still remain vulnerable as they pay too much attention to the purchase plans and less to the future maintenance programs.  

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