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Disassemble your Mi helicopter to 500K pieces in 30 days – maintenance emergency to any location


Every helicopter operator may eventually come to a point where their aircraft just can‘t get off the helipad. In such case, it is convenient to have your maintenance station near you. However, having a maintenance station in general is quite a luxury, especially to those that have only one or two helicopters operating in their fleet. Even if there are more than one, having a fully equipped maintenance and repair facility for helicopters, especially if it is as specific as Mi-series, is not for every operator. Besides that, what is an operator supposed to do if the helicopter brakes down in the middle of nowhere and transporting it is a difficulty by itself? Helisota, an international provider of integrated maintenance, repair and overhaul services for rotorcraft aviation, offers a solution - bringing the maintenance shop to where it is needed.

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Helisota and ASA signs cooperation agreement


Helisota – an international provider of integrated maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), training services for rotorcraft aviation signs cooperation agreement with ASA – Airline Software Applications ApS regarding the promotion of IT solution for CAMOs and MROs.

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3-helicopter fleet – is it optimal to own internal technicians team?


With more than 2000 helicopters to be procured by 2021, uncertainty on growing maintenance demand appears. Increased need for technical knowledge provokes more questions than answers: outsource or invest in the internal technical team, train on-site or send to the training center, etc.

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Helisota and Cobham Helicopter Academy to partner on helicopter maintenance and pilot training


Helisota, an international provider of integrated MRO and training services for rotorcraft aviation, has signed a cooperation agreement with a UK-based Cobham Helicopter Academy. The two companies will partner on developing and providing joint training programs for helicopter maintenance personnel and other specialists.

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