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Helisota-The Lithuanian Helicopter Maintenance Expert


M49-01Established in 1997, Helisota UAB is one of the leading technical maintenance, overhaul and upgrade facility for Mi-8/17 helicoptersin the Baltic States. They offer maintenance, repair and overhaul of the helicopter and its components, supply of spare parts and consumable materials as well as technical support. Their customers are government institutions as well as private companies and agencies from 25 countries all over the world.

At Helisota, maintenance and technical supports are regu larly conducted where by Helisota's highly experienced technical staff is ready to perform technical maintenance within the company's facility or at the cus­tomer's base itself. During this phase, steps including periodical technical maintenance, implementation of mandatory SBs (service bulletins), evaluation of the helicopter's technical condition as well as training of technical personnel will be conducted ac­cording to customer's requirements. Apart from that, Helisota's technical staff is also prepared to execute full overhaul works for Mi-8/17 helicopters where the execution of all service bulletins is given full priority. Upon completion, the helicopter is given a full TBO (time-between-overhaul) prior to delivery to operators. Customers are also given the opportunity to upgrade to any specific configuration throughout the entire overhaul process.

Helisota added that, customers are also given the opportunity to repair and overhaul single or more Mi-8/17 components at a fully operational, accredited and certified service station that has been set up. Though Helisota is capable of repairing and over­hauling most of Mi-8/17 parts, engines and gearboxes,it stills has to go through the same process at other facilities. In term of upgrades and modernisation ,Helisota offers its customers a wide range of options with the aim of improving operational efficiency by providing the mostup-to-date, mission specific capabilities.

Helisota also, has in stock, a full range of spare parts, components as well as consum­abies. Special equipment for the Mi-8/17 operations may also be acquired from Helisota. It has been a business culture at Helisota that every item ordered by a customer will have to go through a detailed inspection in order to identify and discard any defective items within the company's inventory. This is to ensure a secure component supply as well as maintaining a good, long-lasting business partnership with operators around the world.

Standing as an international entity, Helisota too provides necessary logistic services for its clients. Be it small com­ponents or even a complete, full- sizednhelicopter, deliverynto customers can be arranged to any destination in the world. Subject to the delivery destination, Helisota UAB's logistics include ground, sea or evenair transportation to guarantee a safe and on-time delivery.