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Helisota UAB certified by Interstate Aviation Committee in Moscow


On March 17, 2011, in Moscow, Helisota UAB has been awarded a Certificate SPR-88 with appendices issued by the Aviation Registry of Interstate Aviation Committee. There has been stated in the document that the Company complied with the Part 145 of the aviation regulations and was approved as an Overhaul organization of Aviation machinery specified in the Appendices. In the Appendices there have been indicated the types of aviation machinery that the Company was allowed to overhaul as well as the works that it could perform.

While preparing for the certification, Helisota UAB has obtained “145.1A Manual. Certification Procedures of Overhaul Organization”. Basing on it, the Company has corrected its technical and quality system documentation i.e. Maintenance Organization Manual, Quality Manual and Quality Procedures. On May 2011, Helisota UAB has obtained an updated “145.1B Manual. Certification Procedures of Overhaul Organization” the instructions of which are followed in the Company since its coming into effect.

Helisota UAB was seeking to expand the scope of provided services and get the certification of those services by the Interstate Aviation Committee. In the course of certification process, the publications have been digested and the quality system procedures thoroughly described, therefore the overhaul activities of the Company better comply with conventional aviation regulations and requirements. At present, Helisota UAB offering its overhaul services for MI type helicopters and their modifications can more steadily present its possibilities in the market of aviation machinery worldwide.