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Conversion & Modernization

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With over 20 years of experience in supporting commercial, transport, VIP and other types of helicopters, Helisota offers a wide range of different upgrade options which significantly increase operational efficiency of an aircraft. Helisota renders complete modernization packages which provide standard helicopter with new, mission specific, capabilities.


General IFR Packages

Special SAR packages

  • Weather radars
  • VOR/ILS/DME systems
  • NAV/COMM equipment
  • GPS
  • ELT's
  • Search & Rescue Radars
  • ADF and homing systems
  • Long-range all-frequencies COMM equipment
  • Rescue Hoists Searchlights
  • FLIR systems


Upgrades for Special

VIP & Passengers Conversion

  • Avionics modernization
  • Ballistic protection and
    self-defense packages (MWS & CMS)
  • FLIR systems
  • IR searchlights
  • NVG adaptation
  • Special communication suites
  • Conversion of Mi-8/17
    cargo versions into VIP
    & passenger configurations
  • Air conditioning
  • In-Flight Entertainment systems


Aircraft we serve

  • Mi-8T (P, PS)
  • Mi-8MT (Mi-17)
  • Mi-8MTV-1 (Mi-17-1V)
  • Mi-8AMT (Mi-171)
  • Robinson R-22, R-44, R-66
  • Airbus H120, H125, H130, H135, H145, AS-365.



Phone: +370 (37) 27 18 80
E-mail: helisota@helisota.com